Seeing Rachel – latest

February 1st, 2016


We’ve recently had a little success with raising seed fund finance for the film “Seeing Rachel”.

We held a few production meetings in Bristol and undertook a little location scouting. We’ll keep you appraised of future developments, for our fist feature-length production.



A new project for TV

March 13th, 2015

Hi again,

Whilst the film is making progress I’m also working on the pitch and ‘spec’ pilot script for a new TV Series with an Exec Producer in Los Angeles. It’s a supernatural noir series, set in the USA, but with international possibilities. It’s signature style is influenced by The X-Files, Brimstone and The Mothman Prophecies. Just very excited at the moment as things are going well between Bristol and LA. I’ll say more when I can!

Supernatural noir series kinda style!

Seeing Rachel

March 13th, 2015

A little pre-production artwork for investors

Investors are showing interest in our new project, the film ‘Seeing Rachel’ which we are hoping to shoot later this year. It’s a psychological drama about trafficking and organised crime and features two strong female leading characters.

We’ll keep you posted as good things happen.

My Name Is Sorrow – The Russian Version goes live today

October 11th, 2013


We are pleased to announce that our human trafficking film has now been produced in Russian and will be going live today at 4pm!

Check out My Name Is Sorrow via this link and please feel free to share and embed the video on your website. The soulful  ‘Voice of Sorrow’ was recorded by Maria Dobraia.

Maria Dobraia at Soundbarrier Studio in Bristol


My Name Is Sorrow – available for rental

October 12th, 2012


Check out the film on this new website

We’ve just set up a page on the website so that people can rent the film.

Please check the link:


When you visit our page, please click on the ‘Love’ button

on the top left of the image.

You can rent the film or make a Donation by clicking on the

DONATE button. This will help support our translation work for

new versions of the story in Spanish, French, Filipino and Polish.

We already have offers from people to translate the film into

Filipino and Polish.

We appreciate your support of the film and the adventure to get it to as many people as possible.

Many Thanks,




My Name Is Sorrow – Russian Translation

August 11th, 2012


Copyright 2012, Geoff Crawford. With Natasha Paulinyi as 'Sorrow'.

Handy Cloud Productions has received an award from the UK Co-operative Bank to help translate the film into Russian. We are beginning to work on this and will keep you informed as things develop. A new title slate will also be designed by Chris Lorensson.






My Name Is Sorrow – Vimeo Trailer

May 8th, 2012


Here’s a link to the trailer on our Vimeo account:





My Name Is Sorrow – The Bristol Premiere

April 11th, 2012

Hi, here’s the official Bristol film Premiere poster. More information about tickets for our supporters can be found shortly at the film’s Facebook page:


Copyright 2012, Handy Cloud Productions. Designed by Chris Lorensson with photography by Geoff Crawford

My Name Is Sorrow

March 4th, 2012


This week will see the end of principal photography for our film. Next week we enter post-production.

We had a wonderfully creative time at Farm Studios and Natasha Paulinyi’s performance was fantastic. Tim Woodford’s cinematography was magnificent as well and we have filmed some great scenes for you to see.

Copyright 2012, Geoff Crawford. Natasha Paulinyi as 'Sorrow'.

Handy Cloud Productions is looking for corporate sponsors for the film’s Bristol Premiere at the “M shed” on the Harbourside.

Stay tuned for more updates.



My Name Is Sorrow – studio booked!

January 18th, 2012

My Name Is Sorrow - a Handy Cloud Production


We are so happy to announce that we have booked Farm Studios for principal photography on February 21st & 22nd.

We are recording the voice of ‘Sorrow’ on 6th February along with working on a schedule for the location shoot.

Can’t wait!

With thanks to everyone who has and is supporting us. We can’t wait to say “Action!”

Peace and Love,