Set in the early 1920’s in a mental institution and filmed entirely on location at Belmont House, Wraxall, nr. Bristol. A film about the human costs of cultural imperialism, enforced by militarism! All of this and a comedy to boot! Featuring Samantha Hunt, Michael Saffery, Ben Small and Felix McCabe. Written & Directed by Geoff Hall. Director of Photography – Tim Woodford. Original Score by Charlie Groves read more…

My Name Is Sorrow

“She is locked away in a room. She can’t remember her name, but she can remember something…hope.”

Copyright 2012, Geoff Crawford. With Natasha Paulinyi as 'Sorrow'.

The film is endorsed by the UK Charity ‘Unchosen’ which raises awareness of human trafficking thorough film campaigns. We’ll release more production stills from the set at Farm Studio later.

We are looking to have as wide a distribution for the film as possible, to help raise awareness of the world’s fastest growing ‘industry’.

The film follows the Handy Cloud passion for cinema in extremis and shuns the sensationalism of social realism.

We hope to complete principal photography tomorrow in Bristol, UK.

Please support Unchosen in their work and also Unseen(uk) as they help the survivors of sex trafficking.

The film features Natasha Paulinyi as ‘Sorrow’ and the Director of Photography is Timothy Woodford.


Many thanks, Geoffx